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CodeCenters International
We Design, Implement and Support Technical Infrastructures & Data Repositories to Produce Actionable Intelligence.

CodeCenters designs and implements technical data platforms that support repositories worldwide. For over 30 years, we have built world class enterprise solutions that allow companies to analyze their business and financial data. We understand data, so whether it’s tracking financial activity, ensuring your data infrastructure is secure from prying eyes or building use models for your product portfolio, CodeCenters can ensure you know who sees your data, how your data is used and how the answers hidden in your data affect your bottom line. Call today to find out how we can help provide a modernization and/or performance solution for your on premise and cloud based data.

Advanced Solutions for Your Core Business Data


Legal Case Review

& Auditing for Data Technologies & Cases Involving all Business Sectors

Microsoft Azure
Data Solutions

Expert Design, Service and Support for all

Azure Data Platform Technologies & BI Stack


Advanced Enterprise AML/CFT, SQL Server Data Security, Analysis and MDX OLAP Training


Business and Security Intelligence that gives you a global insight into your data and its movement

Navigate to the Microsoft Azure Cloud with Confidence

​We migrate companies like yours to the Azure cloud - all day, every day.​

​The question is not "should you move your data to the cloud" 

but how will you migrate your infrastructure, data and reporting confidently.

We can help, CodeCenters knows how to get you up and running on Azure fast. We are one of the elite Microsoft Partners who are certified on the Microsoft Data Platform. For more information on how we can help you make your move, call today.

Solutions for the Entire Database and Data Analysis Stack

SQL Server 2017
Azure Database
Scalable Solutions

We design, implement and migrate data warehouses, reporting repositories and business solutions. Start building your high performance data solution today 

CodeCenters International Azure Partner.
CodeCenters International Microsoft Azur
Power BI
Dashboards and
Enterprise Reporting

Dynamic Real-time Dashboards and Analysis. Accessible from any device.

Get the actionable intelligence & insights that help run your department. 

CodeCenters International Power BI Micro
Analysis Services
Integration Services
Cubes and Data ETL 

We have been implementing and supporting cubes and teaching MDX & DMX for over 18 years.

We can help your SSAS tabular and multidimensional analysis solution get to the next level.

CodeCenters International Microsoft Anal
Codecenters aml data and aml database au

Solutions for Data Audit, Database Investigations and Compliance Analysis

ESI Data Mapping Defining what digital Assets and Information Have an Impact

Understanding the Environment for a Solid Case

DFS Part 504 Technical Solution Audit
Meeting Data and Packet Level  Requirements

Ensure your 504 compliance from the ground up.

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Training
Big Data and Data
Lake Link Analysis

Enterprise Link Analysis

Training for LE and AML

Critical Vendor Access, Use Path Tracking and SOC Report Auditing (SSAE-16, ISAE-3402)

Find out how your Trusted Vendors use your assets

Link Analysis Training and Consulting

​Link Analysis Training and Project Consulting from the Data Experts

Using custom built link analysis tools and COTS standards like IBM i2 Analyst’s notebook, we can teach and help you analyze any type of law enforcement, legal or business data - from any source.

Contact us today to find out more.

Executive Advisory and Audit Services

Executive and Board Advisement Solutions

Align and map your infrastructure data and cybersecurity initiatives to the Board’s agenda

Data & Security Program Maturity and Strategy

Assess your security maturity levels, develop your roadmap and optimize for the future

Merger & Acquisition Advisement

Data and Cybersecurity due diligence as part of the strategic merger and acquisition process.

CodeCenters Whitepaper by Kent Stern

AML/CFT Series: 

Securing your AML/CFT Infrastructure

How implementing five security controls can reduce your AML/CFT attack surface and help defend your bank’s anti-money laundering software against external threats and those related to the posting of “red flag warnings”.

The financial sector continues to be a prime target for highly sophisticated threats against automated and semi-automated systems. This paper will walk you through what is at risk when an AML/CFT solution is gamed and covers five security controls that can reduce your solution’s attack surface and help defend your AML/CFT software infrastructure.

Download now

Anti-Money Laundering and Analysis for Online Video Games and the Gaming Industry

We analyze how enterprise video and gaming software is used and played, from AML and payment analysis to user action metrics and grouped action links. see how we can protect your bottom line.

Sevitola Government Solutions

Your experts have reviewed the documents, written their reports and now it's time to take the stand.

Your computer expert is asked one simple question,


"When was the last time you implemented or audited a system similar to the one related to this case?"

At CodeCenters, we don't hire expert theorist, we hire the best technologist in the business. For us, that same question is our strength. So when we review the details of your case, our team can ensure every technical angle of attack is identified and every solution presented as an opportunity.

CodeCenters International Microsoft Silv



CodeCenters International, works with fast-paced developing governments to embrace new solutions and thrive in a digitally connected world.

See how CodeCenters Impuesto Tax Authority, scalable Transportation and Water Loss Analysis solutions can enhance your bottom line.

CodeCenters Government Solutions
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