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Deep-Dive Anti-Money Laundering Training for Banking, Finance and Non-bank Financial institution employees

Training - Instructor Led


Course Length 4 or 5 Days

  • Comprehensive Training on the AML/CFT Standard Body of Knowledge

  • This course is taught onsite and can be customized and presented with your specific industry in mind. 

  • The course is commonly extended to five days to allow students to cover typologies and AML/CFT methods related to their distinct area of responsibility.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML/CFT) Training that makes a Difference

The purpose of this comprehensive course is to teach banking, finance and non-bank financial institution employees the AML/CFT standard body of knowledge. This will allow them to implement and enhance internal controls, policies, procedures and processes within their own institutions and understand the base regulatory bodies that impact the industry.


Technical threats, hardened regulations and in-depth audits are now part of the AML/CFT landscape and as the industry evolves to meet these new threats, training has become paramount. This course will ensure you are prepared to meet the challenge of complying with the evolving regulatory expectations and technical typologies you now face and will face in the future. Additionally, this course will prepare them for numerous technical certification from vendors such as NBI, ACAMS, ICA, ABA and others.

Who is this course for?
  • Staff involved in compliance and AML/CFT

  • Staff involved in risk functions

  • Staff involved in internal and external audit

  • Regulatory representatives

  • Staff new to compliance and AML

  • Compliance, AML and Financial Crime Officer

  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer

  • Managers with responsibility for Internal Compliance Controls

  • Internal and External Audit Staff

  • Legal Practitioners and Support Staff

  • Accountants

  • Employees preparing for AML/CFT Certifications

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