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ESI Data Mapping for Case Discovery

Data Mapping for ESI (electronically stored information)  
Creating your data map is critical to preparing for litigation.

CodeCenters ESI Data Mapping services are designed to aid counsel in developing a comprehensive, accurate understanding of an organization’s data repositories and IT infrastructure. Our Data Mapping solutions focus on data sources and elements of the IT infrastructure containing ESI most likely to be subject to discovery in legal proceedings, regulatory audits or investigations.



  • Provide foundation for developing a defensible eDiscovery response plan

  • Provide a clear outline / blueprint of the organization’s IT infrastructure and landscape

  • Create a framework for legal, IT and records management professionals to collaborate on better managing the systems which produce data

  • Create a high level of awareness, understanding and involvement between typically disparate departments




CodeCenters ESI Data Mapping Services include: 

ESI Data Map Assessments – a “baseline” ESI data map or framework which outlines and organization’s IT infrastructure at a summary level

  • Tier 1 Reports – detailed narrative-style reports which explain where, how and when data is stored in critical eDiscovery-related systems

  • Tier 2 Reports – comprehensive summary of IT systems deemed important, yet not critical

  • Visual ESI Data Map – graphical representation of the ESI data map illustrating key facts about Tier 1 and Tier 2 systems

  • Executive Summary – an overview of the organization’s ESI data map



ESI Data Mapping Review

  • on-site & remote review

  • Deep-dive review of ESI data mapping process tailored to the organization’s particular IT environment

  • Structured dialog between Legal, RIM, IT and appropriate business stakeholders facilitated by the nation’s

  • leading ESI data mapping consultant

  • Minimal pre-workshop preparation required

  • Provided for a flat fee

ESI Data Mapping Program

  • 1.5 day on-site and remote program

  • Includes 20 hours consulting

  • Detailed review of CodeCenters proprietary ESI data mapping processes and procedures

  • Pre-seminar analysis of IT landscape and Tiering recommendations

  • Tier 1 systems briefings

  • Access and single use license to CodeCenters ESI Data Mapping Toolkit and example reports

  • Provided for a flat fee


ESI Data Mapping Assessment

  • Preliminary analysis of IT landscape and litigation / discovery profile

  • Tiering of systems

  • Mini interviews to gather high-level information about Tier 1 and Tier 2 systems (except e-mail)

  • Full mapping of e-mail and associated systems (backup, smartphones, unified messaging, etc.)

  • Creation of ESI Data Map Framework/Proposed ESI Data Map

  • Detailed budget for full ESI data mapping

  • Provided for a flat fee


ESI Data Mapping Contract Service

  • Conduct analysis and review of current IT landscape and litigation / discovery profile

  • Collaborate with project stakeholders to assign IT systems to Tiers

  • Conduct information gathering activities

  • Analyze and validate data gathered

  • Create ESI data map reports

  • Provided on a flat fee or hourly basis


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A Foundation for Understanding

We are Data Architects

We are Data Architects and Data Architecture is our business, so creating a data map that provides a comprehensive inventory of IT systems and data repositories within a corporate enterprise is second nature to us.


When hiring a company or person that provides ESI Data Mapping services, ask for their credentials and if they build enterprise data systems. You'll find that many only run canned software and produce lists without understanding the entire picture. If your case is important enough to need a comprehensive data map, call a company that has over 30 year's experience in building enterprise data solutions.

Call today to find our more: 954.426.4248
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