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Unfortunately, some of the last people to know about a merger

or acquisition are the IT, data operations and security teams.

We can help ensure that every aspect of your IT infrastructure and cyber security posture is evaluated and all technical aspects of regulatory due diligence is covered as part of your merger and acquisition solution.

In our venture capital environment, it's not only IT that must be agile, business must meet change head-on. Mergers and acquisitions are part of our landscape and “a meeting down sand hill road” can be a game changer for the best laid plans. Many times, teams that are at the forefront of operations find themselves coming in at the last minute. The experts at CodeCenters can, at any time during the process, discuss the technical implications of a merger or acquisition and consolidation. We can ensure that no technical area of your infrastructure has been overlooked and that all technical regulatory issue have been address.

CodeCenters Merger & Acquisition Advisement services are designed to help organizations assess business and technical risks to the acquiring or acquired organization from what may be a holistic merger and acquisition perspective. Given that no merger and acquisition is the same, our service is customized for every engagement based on a proprietary merger and acquisition risk assessment framework with the underlying goal of helping your organization determine:

  • Pre and post technical architecture review and infrastructure mapping

  • Regulatory due diligence auditing and review for all technical, data and security solutions

  • Investigations as to what will be needed for the technical, data and information security risk management?

  • What technical regulatory vulnerabilities exist in the environment and may or must they be remediated?

  • What cyber vulnerabilities exist within each organization and how could they be exploited when brought together?

  • What will the roadmap be for bringing these organizations together? How do we mitigate operational and security risk with accelerated timeframes?

  • Is there lost value, or should the price of the acquired organization change due to cyber or technical process vulnerabilities that may or must be remediated?

  • How will the organization be exposed during the merger process?

  • What synergies can be capitalized on from a technology or vendor perspective?

  • What redundancies can be eliminated and what is the process to ensure continuity?

A simple call is all it takes to get started.

We can schedule a call at your convenience to go over our available services and to see if they are the right choice for your case. There is no charge for the initial consultation and if our services are needed, we can work with your team to ensure the project tasks fit within any financial or time constraints the case may have.

Call today to find our more: 954.426.4248
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