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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solutions and Use Analysis for Online Video Gaming and Gambling Software

We analyze how enterprise video and gaming software is used and played, from AML and payment analysis to user action metrics and grouped action links. When it comes to analyzing software processes, we can can tell you everything you need to know about your product and how it is used.

Your video game software is more than a just a game. You've spent years designing and implementing a state of the art gaming system that supports thousands of online users. It's a money making machine. And with the increase in unregulated digit currencies, your game solution may have also become a money laundering haven.

Over the past ten years, gaming has continued to grow and is now a billion dollar industry. Gaming methodologies have also moved into other business environments where they will continue to grow. As a leader in understanding and implementing data analysis and data tracking methodologies. We can work with you to implement an AML solution or build an analysis platform to identify in-game or out-of-game actions and links.

AML Analysis for Gaming Solutions

As your user base and profits start to climb, the chance that your game will be used for money laundering increases exponentially. We can help build and/or support your anti-money laundering efforts to meet your business obligations and help ensure your game is not being used as a front for money laundering of any type.

  • Company wide AML/CFT solutions and due diligence 

  • AML - Money Laundering Analysis

  • AML - Auditing for money service businesses

  • Auditing for in-app purchases

Gaming Intelligence Solutions

Understanding and analyzing the actions your players take individually or as a group is paramount to understanding how your game will scale-up and how it can or will be gamed by your players. We can analyze game based telemetry data of any size, over any duration to give you the answers that will make your game more stable and scale up with security.

  • Advanced Data Intelligence

  • Telemetry Analysis on data sets > xxx billion

  • Game use and metric reporting

  • User action flow and group interaction along with linked actions between groups

  • Enterprise Data & game Infrastructure Security

  • Event Analytics

    • Business events - Real money transactions in your game

    • Resource events - Lives, virtual currency  gain (source) or lose (sink)

    • Progression events - Players start and finish levels or reach a milestone event in your game

    • Error events - Event to log errors or warnings generated by your players’ in-game behavior

    • Design events - Track any other concept in your game using this event type

A simple call is all it takes to get started.

We can schedule a call at your convenience to go over our available services and to see if they are the right choice for your case. There is no charge for the initial consultation and if our services are needed, we can work with your team to ensure the project tasks fit within any financial or time constraints the case may have.

Call today to find our more: 954.426.4248
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