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On Demand On-Site Security & MDX Training

Onsite Data, Database and Analytical Cube Security Training, Data Security Awareness and Industry Compliance Training for management, IT personnel and front line employees. Call today to learn more about our offerings and see how simple it is to have CodeCenters International onsite for your next database, cube or data security class.

Custom Security Training Services

Data Security training tailored specifically to your organization and developed with flexible topics for all areas of data, database and cube support. Learn more on how to create a customized data security training program with CodeCenters.

IT Data and Database Security Audit

Our IT Data and Database Security Audit services can evaluate your Information Security Program for compliance with regulatory requirements and security best practices relating to data security, data flow, data storage, data availability and data encryption. This includes reviewing your physical implementation, security policies, standards, guidance, procedures and other materials along with performing in-depth analysis of controls-in-place where appropriate. The assessment covers a wide area of areas including: Risk Assessment, Analysis and Management; logging and data management; technical testing of your data solution to identify gaps and controls weaknesses.

Enterprise Data Security Risk Assessment

The Enterprise Data Security Risk Assessment service is a global information security assessment of your information security practices. We provide you and management with an evaluation on the state of your global data and information security program with regard to security and operational processes, procedures, gaps in coverage, as well as identify areas of improvement and provide guidance on a future-state.

Security Awareness Needs Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of the current state and effectiveness of your data security awareness training programs. Learn more about analyzing your Data Security Awareness needs and the benefits of data security awareness training.

Security Awareness Program Development

Design effective Data Security Awareness Training programs based on best practices and the expert advice of our information security experts. Learn how CodeCenters can help develop information security classes and training programs for your organization.

Managed Security Awareness Programs

Build a culture of information security awareness by having CodeCenters design, implement and fully manage a
comprehensive program for your organization Call today to learn more about implementing a fully integrated Managed Security Awareness Program.

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Updated Advanced Security Courses
6051 - Building MDX Queries using MSFT SSAS 2012-14 Business Intelligence - 3 days

SEC508 - Implementing Data Security and Auditing for SQL Data Warehouses - 3 days​

Advanced CINDER Detection Training - New York - March 16

CINDER Insider Investigations using OLAP Consolidation Methods - Dubai - March 23


Infrastructure Security Lecture Series
Obtaining Actionable Data & Network Intelligence using Analytical Cubes within our critical infrastructures as it relates to Corporate Security.


MASINT, SIGINT and HUMINT based Telemetry Analysis

Enterprise class telemetry solutions for large data sets. CodeCenters can analyze your data or build a telemetry solution for data sets of > 1 billion records.


Data Security, Advanced Data Analysis and MDX Training 

CodeCenters offers advanced Data analysis consulting, MDX and data security courses. We secure and audit data and information intelligence infrastructures worldwide. Whether it’s tracking CINDER activity, ensuring your finance infrastructure is secure from prying eyes or conducting case analysis on switch data, CodeCenters can ensure you know who sees your data and how it is used.

Ready to raise your business intelligence performance to the next level? CodeCenters offers advanced onsite MDX, OLAP and BI Cube implementation and design training. See how MDX and SSAS training from CodeCenters can boost your productivity.

Onsite MDX & Microsoft SSAS Cube Training
Advanced Enterprise Data Analysis & Data Warehouse Training
Cyber Insider (CINDER) Threat Analysis Detection & Auditing