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Learn from the Experts in Programming, Database Analysis & Reporting.

MDX Programing, SSAS, Data Intelligence Training

The need for advanced data analysis and reporting within the public and private sector is also at an all-time high. CodeCenters Internationals’ Advanced Training fulfills this need. Since 1987, we have trained some of the best in the business and implemented enterprise solutions for hundreds of companies and government entities worldwide. CodeCenters International provides comprehensive, hands-on training programs to local, state and federal agencies on computer technology issues dealing with Microsoft networks, disaster recovery and criminal justice. On-site training is provided at locations in United States, England and Germany. Please contact us for more information on classes and schedule times.

Skills and Benefit

Students will learn the skills necessary to deal with more advanced issues related to MDX, OLAP, data and database reporting. Most courses run from two to five days. The primary benefit of CodeCenters International training is that it enables trainees to learn in a hands-on environment, through observation, testing and classroom exercises. The process of combining formal lectures with practical exercises provides students with experience that transcends knowledge gained from formal presentations alone.

World Class Onsite Training

Training Makes the Difference

Our Trainers: All Instructors from CodeCenters International are full time employees who have earned the highest training certifications available from vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Guidance, Vogon and others. Our instructors not only teach the security and Microsoft curriculum but they're also actively engaged in the data forensics and security auditing field.

Class Size:

We can accommodate classes of any size and use virtual server environments to ensure a real world hands-on experience. All classes that have over 10 students will also have an assistant instructor at no extra cost to help students with their labs and questions. Advanced onsite MDX and SQL Server database security training for people working day-to-day in the industry. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your training experience.


Call today to find our more and pre-register for the next class. 954.426.4248

Current Data & Data Security Courses

Custom project courses are also readily available, call for more information


6051 - Writing MDX Queries using MSFT SSAS 2012-17 Business Intelligence Cubes - 3 days


SEC508 - Implementing Data Security and Auditing for Enterprise Data Flows - 3 days​


SEC509 - Implementing Data Security and Auditing for Microsoft SQL and SSAS Databases - 3 days​


CM510 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS) 2012-2016 - 3 days


CM511 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2017 - 3 days


CM512 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) 2012-2017 - 3 days


CM824 –Security Analysis using Log Reconciliation Methods and Analysis Services Cubes - 3 Days


CM923 - Data Mining Fundamentals for Business using Microsoft Analysis Services 2017 Business Intelligence - 1 Day


CM924 – Security Analysis using Data Mining from Network Packet Captures - 2 Days


CN939 - CINDER Insider Investigations using OLAP Consolidation Methods - 5 Days


CN940 - Advanced CINDER & Corporate Espionage Detection Training – 4 Days


7095 - Data Mining for Law Enforcement using Microsoft Analysis Services 2017 Business Intelligence - 3 Days


CM824 –Security Analysis using Log Reconciliation Methods and Analysis Services Cubes - 3 Days


9098 - Data & Case Analysis for Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigations using Non-Structured Data Sources
Analysis Services 2016 Level 1 - 3 Days --


For the next  9098 course (Law Enforcement only) at the CodeCenters Training Center, call today - Limited seating is available    954.426.4248

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