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Data Mining & Enterprise Level

Telemetry Analysis

Business Data, Telemetry & Security Intelligence for all vertical and horizontal markets

Business & Security Intelligence that gives you the ability to Forecast, Trend, Track, Analyze and Secure your data. CodeCenters International is a recognized expert in designing and building advanced data reporting solutions. Corporate clients, local government and law enforcement have come to know CodeCenters as a leader in understanding and implementing data analysis and Data Tracking Methodologies.

Data Driven Solutions
Helping customers convert data collected from all informational sources into knowledge that enables event forecasting and empowers decisions.

Many organizations have deployed enterprise applications to improve or secure operational systems and processes. But these and many other canned applications fail to supply key personnel with the insight needed to take action or make informed decisions. Using our expertise and your telemetry, packet and domain security data, CodeCenters International can provide you with the data you need to make any business or analytical security decision. So whether it is a basic Monte Carlo simulation or you need to find the proverbial needle in an electronic haystack, we can do it.

Data Intelligence Solutions


CodeCenters provides solutions that cover many diverse market tiers and includes Implementations for the following technologies:

  • Advanced Data Intelligence

  • Telemetry Analysis on data sets >1 billion

  • i2™ Analyst's Notebook Analysis

  • OLAP Cube Based

  • Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Forecasting for all types of data

  • Expert Witness Services

  • OLAP Data Mart Schema Design

  • Data Flow and Integration Services

  • Expert MDX & DMX Programming

  • Data Warehouse Storage Solutions

  • Disaster Recover Solutions for OLAP

  • SQL SSAS Business Intelligence Security

  • Enterprise Data & Infrastructure Security

"Yes, We Build Analytical Cubes"

"Let us bring your data to life."

We design and build advanced multidimensional and tabular analysis cubes along with high performance data warehouses for self-service, in-house, Azure and AWS solutions.

No matter what type of data you have, we can build a tailored solution to find, analyze and report on its meaning.  From law enforcement RMS systems to enterprises financial applications, we can help you overcome the limitations of your relational databases and provide a solution that allows for rapid analysis and reporting of any business or telemetry data.

Find out how our analysis cube and data warehouse solutions can display and sum large amounts of data while also providing users with searchable access to an unlimited amount of data points. Yes, we build cubes and data warehouses - and with full integration to SSRS, Cognos, Hyperion and most other reporting solutions. We also design-in backwards compatibility for matching and reconciliation queries that can run in SQL, MDX and DAX. So whether you're in the financial, medical, manufacturing, marketing or retail business, our rapid prototyping and design methodology can get your team up and running fast. 

Contact our sales team to find out more.

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