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The Leader in Advanced CINDER Analysis

& Insider Security

Focused Data Security is our Primary Mission

The security of your most valued assets should not be determined by a commercial off the shelf application. Nor should it be considered secure based on the passing of a HIPPA, SOX or PCI audit. CodeCenters specializes in two distinct areas, CINDER analysis and building secure zones for enterprise, departmental and database data.

Cinder Data Security Testing, Auditing and Assessments

Measure Your Current State and Articulate the Path Forward

IT organizations often lack the internal resources and expertise to keep up on an ever-changing security and regulatory landscape let alone test and assess their networks, applications and overall data security. They need help elevating their security profile, reducing risk and achieving compliance with applicable laws and industry mandates. CodeCenters Data Testing & Assessments Services provide organizations with the knowledge, expertise to conduct a thorough and comprehensive data security and risk evaluation of your environment. We offer testing and assessments that address logical, physical, technical and non-technical threats to your data and databases.

We can identify gaps that create risk, help you construct a stronger security posture, and confidently meet your compliance mandates. Our security experts use proven consulting and project management methodologies to deliver superior results to your organization. Besides clear security and technical expertise, our employees understand your business, know how to prioritize findings that reflect your business circumstances, and can effectively communicate to your technical and non-technical audiences.

The CINDER Threat

In 1992, CodeCenters was one of the first companies to investigate the Cyber Insider threat (CINDER)


Today we are one of the leading security practices exclusively focused on analyzing networks and data for past, current and future CINDER activities. Stopping current insider activity is only the first step in the equation. To reduce the possibility of future insider activity, CodeCenters has developed a proven reconciliation methodology for the implementation of secure zones for enterprise data and network objects.

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Assess and Improve your Data Security Posture

Many organizations self-diagnose the security of their networks, systems and information. This self-diagnosis can fall short as the evaluator has other full-time responsibilities within the organization, often lacks the critical thinking skills and technical tools of a hacker and lacks the external visibility into the nature of real-world threats that could compromise your data and environment. Understandably, if any initial risk assessment is inaccurate, then the effectiveness of any risk prioritization and remediation will be reduced as well.

Our expert security professionals understand the real risks you face and can help your organization prioritize remediation. Our security and risk experts have complete visibility into the evolving threat landscape. As a result, they know what to look for to identify the real, not just theoretical, risks to your business data. Our security experts will then prioritize their findings and provide meaningful recommendations on remediation. This guidance saves you time and effort as you determine the most effective means to mitigate or accept the identified risks.

Finding out Who is Not your Friend

CodeCenters Data Testing & Assessments Services security experts can test your networks, systems, facilities and employees. Through use of “real-world” strategies and tactics, we determine where your security is strong and where gaps exist that could lead to a compromise. In addition, our testing services can help you meet your particular compliance requirements.

A simple call is all it takes to get started.

We can schedule a call at your convenience to go over our available services and to see if they are the right choice for your case. There is no charge for the initial consultation and if our services are needed, we can work with your team to ensure the project tasks fit within any financial or time constraints the case may have.

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